We design and build interfaces.

    function is a design and development agency that specializes in creating applications for the web and mobile devices.
    We work with a variety of different clients, from startups, to software companies, to fortune 500 corporations to
    help turn their ideas into simple, clean and functional products.

    We Create

    Web Applications

    Social networks, email applications, online banking - we live our lives on the web. The success of these web applications relies heavily on the quality of the user experience. At function, our goal is to create applications that people enjoy using. We've worked with great companies to develop ideas from the ground-up, redesign existing sites, build complex pieces of large applications, and consult to help improve current systems.

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad have created exciting new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. We work closely with clients to strategize and plan their concept, then take the reins to design and build their app. Our team specializes in creating iOS apps that feature custom interfaces and integrate native features such as push notifications, location-based services, the camera, and other iOS specific features.

    Business Solutions

    Far too often we see businesses using old, out-dated software in their operations - some not utilizing any technology at all. This leads to unhappy employees, inefficient operations, and lower company output. Whatever your need may be, whether it's invoicing and billing, employee collaboration or time tracking, we have the ability to create beautiful, custom systems to streamline operations and help your business realize it's full potential.

    Our Services

    • User Interface Design
    • Front-end Development
    • Analytics and Metrics
    • Mobile Site Development
    • User Experience Design
    • Back-end Development
    • Product Development
    • Organizational Planning
    • Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPad)
    • Strategy Consulting
    • Information Architecture
    • Site Audits & Redesigns

    Who We Are

      Our Company

      function is built on the belief that software should be intuitive, simple, and beautiful. We're a small, tight-knit group of designers, developers, creators, and problem solvers that have a deep understanding of how people interact with technology. We use this knowledge to design applications that look great and are easy to use. We're big proponents of open-source technologies, constantly exploring new frameworks that will add value to our applications. Our combined experience and expertise allows us to provide clients with a full range of services from the start of a project to launch and everything in between. Overall, we like to think of ourselves as your execution partner; you have the idea, we make it a reality.

      How We Work

      Our process is calculated - it's something that's been refined over the years, working with different companies and facing new challenges. We prefer to work closely with clients in the intial research phases of a project to learn about their business and examine the problems they're looking to solve. From there, we bring the project back into our lab and get to work, flexing our design and development muscles. We utilize some of the industry's best project management and issue tracking software to keep projects moving fast and keep our clients in the loop. Communication is key to long-term relationships, so we pride ourselves on quick responses and constant availability.

      Why function

      We're more than just artists and coders; we understand business models, product-roadmaps, marketing strategy, and the intricacies of operating a business. We'll work with you as a partner, rather than a vendor, to provide our own ideas and direction. Sometimes it's those extra touches that make users smile. The smallest details can have a large impact on the user experience so our minds are constanly churning to come up with ways to make your users happier. We're a detail oriented company in every aspect - it's our nature. We don't take shortcuts and we don't make design or development sacrifices. Ever. Interested in learning more about us? Contact us.

      Join Our Team

      Why work at function?

      At function we're looking to build a talented and motivated team that's capable of building just about anything. Our company culture is open, collaborative and flexible. We're passionate about our work, but we appreciate the time we spend away from it too. We don't believe in crazy work hours and all-nighters; we believe in working smart and staying productive.

      We enjoy a constantly changing work environment - new projects bring unique challenges, the chance to learn about new industries, and the potential to use new techniques and tools. Apart from our client work, we reserve a period of time each week for internal projects - ideas that originate from our team members.

      We're a small and growing team and we've only begun to scratch the surface of what we're capable of. Check out our open positions to the right.

        * If nothing fits you, just contact us. We're always looking for talented people.

        No resumes and cover letters. Send your portfolio/personal website, twitter, salary expectations, and anything else you want us to see, then tell us why you want to join our team. Keep it short and simple.

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        Our Work

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